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Our copyright service is based on Bern Convention, an international agreement on copyright law signed by more than 164 countries. You can see the list here.Since 2003, we quickly gained recognition as one of the most efficient and least expensive copyright publishing and archiving services on the internet.

We are offering a permanent record of your creative work as well as a secure storage of your copyrighted material.

If our users should go to court to defend their rights against a copier, we provide at no charge, a copyright certificate signed by us that can be used as evidence, plus all files and documents received from the author, including drafts and final version of his copyrighted work. See rules for details.

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We do not offer PHONE SUPPORT in order to minimize our operation costs and to keep our pricing as low as possible. These savings contribute to our low cost services for users. Our ONLINE SUPPORT is Quick, Reliable and Efficient and provides complete answers to users queries and problems every time.

Our service is international.

Our copyrights are valid across 164 countries, based on the Bern Convention.

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