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Confidentiality promises to maintain the confidentiality of the personal, corporate and electronic addresses of persons, companies or organizations that register their copyright declarations.

By using the service and website, you declare fully that you understand and agree to the following terms: is a private copyright registration and publication service designed to publish on the internet a copyright certificate filled by the original author of a creation or work.

Our obligation is limited to placing your copyright certificate on the Internet, accessible by any typical Internet connection and to store in our secure server 3 different copies of the material related to your creation that you sent to us. The maximum time that these storage and posting services are valid is the life of the author plus 50 years. However, any copyright posted on the Internet can be retrieved by from the Internet if no person has visited the copyright certificate for more than 3 years. If a copyright certificate is withdrawn from the website, an author may ask for a reinstallation without charge for another 3 year period. The content of our website and services are provided “as is”, without any kind of warranty. You agree that you are using this site and service at your own risk, knowing that we are not related to any government copyright services.

Your content...

The content supplied by the author is not corrected, verified or reviewed for legal validity by our personnel. The author is solely responsible for the content we receive from him or her about his creation or work, including names, description and file content., and its designee, have the right but not the obligation, in their sole discretion to refuse or remove any content that is posted on the copyright of an author.

The author who submits a copyright form can modify the content of his certificate for a 30 day period after we receive the completed form. After that time period, no correction or modification can be done. If, for any reason, a copyright certificate is removed from the Internet display at our discretion, the author may see the copyright certificate on request. A copy of the certificate will still be stored for life offline.

Our role... is not a law firm and we do not provide any legal service. We only know what our clients tell us so we are unable to comment on any particular case. The client is responsible for dealing with any legal challenges and may use the copyright certificate for such purposes if required. However, will not appear in court or participate in any legal proceedings for the client.

You agree that the information presented on our website is provided as general information and is absolutely not intended to be a substitute for any legal advice from an attorney or any other legal service.

You agree that is a third party agent who publishes and host declarations of copyright and stores related material that you provide. is acting as a copyright hosting service, not as an editor of copyright content. Users of this service are fully responsables about the content of their copyright declaration. All materials should be sent to us exclusively by Internet.

You agree that any copyright certificate we are publishing for you on our website will not create any additional rights beyond what you already have. As an author, you already are the owner of the work described in your copyright declaration. The purpose of the copyright declaration is to make a public declaration of the ownership of your creation and to store longterm any materials related to your creation in our archive. and employees expressly disclaim any kind of warranty in the conservation of the material provided by any user. The storage process includes a secure server and a storage on computer disks to assure the longevity of the received files but you agree that is not an archive service and is not responsible for any eventual data loss or corruption.

You understand that the payment you made in exchange for our service is specifically for the storage of your material in fair and normal conditions and for publishing your copyright certificate on our website so that we may send back a copy of this material and certificate signed by us in case of an action in justice court to defend your right.

Note that any material will be sent back to you without a proof of the court session date regarding a litigation about the work described on the concerned certificate. will supply, free of charge, your copyright certificate and your provided material, corresponding to the certificate, fully signed by a us only if your copyright was registered at least 4 months before your request for the related documents and if you send us a proof of the court session date regarding a litigation about the work described on the concerned certificate. No documents will be supply if the creation copyrighted is concerning strickly a name, a denomination, a trade name or a trade mark, a title, a recipe, an idea or a concept. No documents will be supply if the copyrighted creation may be considered as an illegal use of a copyright. No documents will be supply if the infrigiment took place before the registration date of the copyright.

Under no circumstance will, its representatives or/and employees be responsible for any kind of damage, claim, liability or other consequences resulting from the use of the website and/ or services, without any limitation for omissions, interruptions, defects, etc. You agree that our liability is clearly limited to the amounts paid for the service of

Cancelation reserves the right to cancel any copyright certificate which contains inappropriate information, unauthorized brand names, false information, racist terms, pornographic material and any other content that doesn't respect the philosophy of our service. reserves the right to close an account, erase its contents and cancel the copyright certificates issued for said account if the user of the account does not conform to one or any of the regulations prescribed in this page and this without prior notice. In this event, as a user of this service, I agree to accept the decision of and give up any claim to the reinstatement of any certificate or certificates connected to my works. I do, however, have the right to keep a copy which I have taken care to reproduce. In the case of an account cancellation, can review its decision at the request of the account user. The latter (the account user) must show that he has remedied the shortcoming and is willing to respect the regulations. However, this review remains subject to the goodwill of the management of As a user of this copyright deposition service, I agree to advise of any change in my electronic and home address within 30 days, at the latest, after the change. As a user of this copyright deposition service, I agree to settle the balance of my account within the prescribed time period. Failing this, I agree to the cancellation of the copyright certificates issued in my name and to the erasing of the registered copies of my works from the registers of

The objective of this service is to enable authors to circulate their work freely and rapidly, accompanied by the mention "registered with". This service confirms, through the Internet, that an author has declared himself to be the creator of a work at a given hour and on a given day and that this affirmation is then registered by our service. In the case of accidental loss of data, of destruction, cancellation or erasing of whatever kind from the informatics systems of, I, as a user of a copyright account, release, and employees, from any kind of responsibility with regard to the loss of my works, my certificates and copyright deposition seals.

This service does not claim, in any way, to be a substitute for government copyright registration services or similar non-governmental organizations in any country and, moreover, does not, in any way, prevent authors from turning to these services if they so wish. For U.S. residents, there may be special conditions which require you to declare your rights under US copyright law BEFORE suing a copier inside U.S.A. territory even if you already have a copyright certificate from another copyright organization.

This service aims to be an exceptionally rapid and efficient means to declare publicly a copyright for a work, with a copyright service through the internet and was established with the objective of enabling authors to more freely circulate their works and their creations. As a user of this service, I agree that the responsibility of and its internet billing agent, TDN Copyrightdepot, is limited to carrying out, as well as possible, all the tasks related to the drawing up of dossiers, files and data affected by such a situation and I agree to make no claim for replacement in kind or monetarily or by any other means whatsoever. If, in some cases, a notary is hired by, I recognize that only may work directly with the notary concerning my copyright deposit, files and other legal documents in case of court litigation. I recognize that this service is considerably automated and has been conceived in such a way that fees charged to users are reduced to a minimum. I agree not to demand free modification or correction of my copyright declaration. I agree not to create a link between a certificate issued by and a site containing child pornography, hate literature and all other material which is illegal or in bad taste. I recognize that the fee that I pay for this service would not any way cover the fees incurred by a possible claim that I would have to make in the case of plagiarism of one of my creations and I agree not to demand from, its administrators, employees and collaborators any form of unpaid involvement in legal proceedings initiated to protect my rights.

In the event that should discover that a text of which the rights have been registered with its copyright deposition service turned out to be, in fact, the property of someone other than the person making the copyright deposition and having obtained a copyright seal from, reserves the right to cancel the above-mentioned deposition seal as well as the corresponding deposition certificate. Any person who can show that his copyright on a work precedes that of another person, company or enterprise, with, for a work which is identifiably the same, can demand the cancellation of the certificates issued by concerning the work which has been copied.

Litigation over the ownership of a work

Please note that, in the case of litigation over the ownership of a work, the role of is to confirm the dates and times that the first declaration concerning the work under litigation was received and the dates and times that the certificate and the corresponding seal were issued. It is up to the user of this service to take legal action to protect his rights based on documented proof that we will provide to him. In the event of litigation over the ownership registered with our service, reserves the right to cancel or transfer the copyright certificate or certificates which are the object of a dispute whether they are in the confidential section or not and this in no way affects their respective merit.
If an infringement case happen to a user of our service, and this user have a copyright registered with our service since at least 120 days, we will provide a free copy of the related copyright and the deposed work in our archive, duly signed by us, via Internet. Of course, the infringement should have not took place before the registration date of the related copyright. In  case of a court hearing regarding a creation under copyright at, we will provide to our user a notarized copy of his copyright and related documents, at our charge, only if the user is sending us at least 60 days in advance, the official court hearing proof including all details of the case, date of hearing, number, and the name of his attorney.

Responsibility of the user

The content of each copyright declaration is the sole responsibility of the user of this service. reserve the right to remove or replace any content subject to a complaint from any person or company. Usage of a trade mark, name or slogan is the sole responsibility of the user of this service.

Any unauthorized use of this website, its contents and its original design is expressly prohibited. declares that these rules of use and policy can change without any prior notice. Any such change or modification will be effective immediately upon posting to this page. Please come back occasionally to check for any change.

In the case of a user who doesn’t respect one or more of the rules described on this page, reserves the right to withdraw the concerned copyright certificate and refund fees to the user.

Adult website

We do not accept any deposition of adult websites, websites which are pornographic in nature, racist sites or sites containing litigious content.


Theses rules are subject to change without prior advice.

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