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You MUST have received your confirmation message, including your invoice and your copyright number, BEFORE using a copyright seal from

Then, copy one of these copyright seals pictures in your own screen and paste it into your work. If you work is posted on Internet, be sure to place the seal in a very visible location, like the bottom of your home page.


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seal11   seal13 c for copyright  


A short phrase can also replace the seal, if needed

If our copyright deposit seals doesn't fit the design of your creation, you can replace it with the statement: number 00XXXX

(00XXXX means your copyright number.)


Link your work and your copyrightcertificate

You will find the link to place between your creation and your copyright within your confirmation message, which includes also your copyright number. This message is sent to you shortly after the payment of your copyright deposit.

Generally, online Blogs are offering to their author a way to create external links within the Blog articles or texts.


You can also copy this logo and the according link into your Blog page, then replace the actual link to the Index page by your own copyright page link. Remember, we've sent this specific link to you by email.

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