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What is the price of a copyright registration?

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1-  Register here first.

2 - You will receive your access code and you'll be able to register your first copyright in 3 minutes only.

3 - Your will have 30 days to make modifications if needed.

4- We provide archives for all versions of your work on a secure server. You can send only partial content if you want.

That's it! Easy, affordable and functional.

Why choose service?

Because we are offering the most affordable way to have a registered copyright and to have a secure archive to protect your proof of work.

Because, our users have always won their legal actions against copiers.

Because, if you have to defend your rights in court, we will supply all the documented proof signed by us, for free.

Because, our service is registering copyrights legaly valid in 164 countries, based on the Bern Convention. It is certainly the cheapest way to get a worldwide protection for your work.

Should I register a copyright, first?

If somebody is copying your work, replacing your name by another name, how will you demonstrate that you are the real owner?

Legaly, the copyright is the declaration of your ownership on your work or creation. The Bern Convention, signed by 164 countries, declares that you have no obligation to register your copyright. However, you must be able to prove your rights worldwide in some manner and this is what we do for you.

We register your copyright under a specific number.

We provide proof of your copyright registration and all documents necessary to demonstrate your copyright protection initiave.

We also offer a secure archive for your first drafts as well as the final versions of your work. This help you to make a stronger case for the authorship of your creation. Finally, we will supply a copyright confirmation seal to add to your creation.

Will I have some sort of copyright official logo, seal and number to add to my work?

YES, you will receive easy instructions about this, but you can see seal and logo examples here.

What is the duration of my copyright?

Some countries consider a copyright to be valid for the life of the author plus 20 years, some others, for the life of the author plus 50 years. Your copyright duration is governed by the copyright rules of your country, but at least, is a lifetime copyright.

In our copyright registration system we activly maintain all of our copyrights without any expiration date. Except very rares situations, according to our rules, only the copyright author may withdraw a copyright from our system.

Do you verify if I am the real author?

No Copyright service or organisations provide such author verification. It's impossible to do it internationaly. A copyright police doesn't exist... anywhere.

If a copier registers a stolen creation under a copyright using his/her name, or with a false name, he/she automaticaly gives us information which can be traced for many years.

Should I register a copyright on each new creation

No one can expect to copyright all of their work or creations within an entire lifetime. This is why we have a COPYRIGHT OWNER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, that you can indicate for each one of your creations. This number will link all of your creations, copyrighted or not, with your ownership confirmation page. Example here

Now, even without a specific copyright, any new work will be linked to you, to discourage any type of illegal reproduction.

We recommend that you indicate your copyright owner identification number within all types of your creation or work, to link them to this confirmation page. In this way, even your non copyrighted work will be identified to your ownership. It's not the efficiency of a copyright, of course, but it's a useful and totaly free way to display your ownership for each new creation. You will receive your very own copyright owner identification number which is valid for life.

What is my intellectual rights, or intellectual property rights over my work?

Your intellectual rights are the rights over the creations of your mind, given to you by 164 countries who signed the Bern Convention about the recognition of Intellectual property rights. This convention is giving to the creator the exclusive right over the use of his(her) creation for a period of time of up to 50 years after your death.

Can I see copyright examples?

Click here to see copyrights registered by service.

Who is using services?

Our service has thousands of users and has been created in 2003. A link to our site can be found on Internet websites around the globe. When you consult your favorite search engine you will observe that international organizations and many private individuals have used our copyright registration service for years. Editors, authors, scriptwriters, singers, inventors, etc. are our users.

Is your service valid and binding in my country?

Click here to see the list of 164 countries where this service is valid based on the Bern convention. New countries are added occasionnally.

Are you offering phone support?

We do not offer PHONE SUPPORT in order to minimize our operation costs and to keep our pricing as low as possible. These savings contribute to our low cost services for users. Our ONLINE SUPPORT is Quick, Reliable and Efficient and provides complete answers to users queries and problems every time.

Do I need original drafts of my work to help prove that copyright is mine?

Original drafts will help you prove that a copyright is yours. For this reason, authors can archive first drafts as well as final versions with No one but you will have access to your original drafts, helping you make a strong case for authorship of your work.

What do I do if someone has copied my work?

You send your copyright registration to the copier and the Internet address where your copyright is published and visible for 365 days a year. You demand that this copying be stopped immediately using the documentation we provided for free. Usually, the copier realizes that he/she cannot contest your rights and stops immediately. In the case of a really malicious copier, legal action can be taken using your copyright certificate and materiel in your copyright archive as evidence of your ownership.

Should I take a copier to court? offers you copyright confirmation and all related drafts and documents, as evidence of ownership, registration date, and all other pertinent information is supplied under oath. In the case of litigation, we need to receive an official court audition date, and we will send you proof of your copyright and related files in archives, duly signed by us, free of charge, if you register your copyright with us at least 4 month before the infringement took place.

(For U.S. residents only, read this excerpt from the U.S. Copyright law. (b) The legal or beneficial owner of an exclusive right under a copyright is entitled, subject to the requirements of section 411, to institute an action for any infringement of that particular right committed while he or she is the owner of it. The court may require such owner to serve written notice of the action with a copy of the complaint upon any person shown, by the records of the Copyright Office or otherwise, to have or claim an interest in the copyright, and shall require that such notice be served upon any person whose interest is likely to be affected by a decision in the case. The court may require the joinder, and shall permit the intervention, of any person having or claiming an interest in the copyright. End of the excerpt.) (Click here to see details at the U.S. Copyright office .pdf document.)

Does make it unnecessary to register it with my government?

The Bern convention, signed by 164 countries, declare there is no obligation from an author to register his copyright. But few countries have a copyright registration services and they gather copyrights and maintain archives. service provides a very affordable way to register and publish (except if confidential) your copyright on the Internet. It's an easy, quick and inexpensive way to have your copyright registered and your material secured in archives.

Note: In United States, the intervention of the US copyright office is required prior to going to court but, fortunately, more than 99% of litigation cases reported are solved without court intervention. Normaly, a copier will not take a chance and go to court to claim a right that does not belong to him.

What is the purpose of the numbered seal on the copyright?

This number gives you easy access to your copyright certificate on the Internet, using our search engine. This enables you to demonstrate to one and all that you have registered your copyright on a specific date and time. This is the proof that your ownership is publicly declared and not just indicated with a short mention within your work. Remember, unless you choose a confidential copyright, your copyright is posted on your own Web address page, and only you can ask to withdraw it.

Can I register a copyright on my Internet website?

Certainly! You declare yourself to be the creator of the website and its content on a specific day. The date indicated on your copyright can, in itself, dissuade many people from taking advantage of your work. Be sure to include the numbered seal of on your website. Not only is this the proof that your ownership is publicly declared on the Internet, but it also gives you the right to do a free monthly update of your website copyright content. It’s an ideal solution to copyrighting a website with a constantly updated content.

The presence of the numbered seal on your website will prove its worth. Remember, your copyright will be hosted by us for the life of your website, with all versions of the content of your website, even the oldest ones. See details here.

I often make additions to my Internet site. How do I register these ? Do I have to pay each time?

Our system allows you to submit a 500 megabytes of content website per copyright, and it's FREE. What is UNIQUE with is that your older pages are just as well protected as your new versions. And if you need more than 500 megabytes., we can increase the size or your secure archive storage for a small fee.

So, if you discover a copy of your website as it existed six months ago, you can intervene and prove your rights on this former version even if your website has changed a lot since that time. This is a definite advantage.

My website is rather large. Should I register all the pages?

We suggest that you register with us your website content in its entirety if it is possible, but you MUST register the more representatives pages. You cannot exceed a 500 MB deposit for the indicated price. Use compression software like "Winzip" if you need to compress a larger file. If you need more than 500 megabytes., we can increase the size or your secure archive storage for a small fee.

How many creations can I register with a single copyright?

You can gather a lot of same type creations in a single copyright. You even have 30 days to add material within your copyright. A very prolific author register a copyright a month, to cover all his/her monthly same type creations. But the description of your work, within your copyright, should concern the same type of creation. For example, you cannot use an images copyright to cover texts, novell, etc,. You'll have to put "Texts and images" as your work description within your copyright to do that.

Regarding my creation, my work, what is the largest size file that can be registered with my copyright?

With your copyright registration you could send your creation, or your work ( Websites - Pictures- Text - Music - Scripts, etc.), in part or in full. We accept a maximum of 500 megabytes files for each copyright. e.g. If your website content is about 200 files, you simply compress all those files into 5 main files, each containing 40 compressed files. Use compression software like "Winzip" if you need to compress files.

Do you only require a one time payment ?

Yes. You have nothing more to pay than the indicated price. No renewal fee. It's one time small fee, nothing else.

Can I make a change in a copyright which has already been completed?

Yes, but only in the first 30 days following the deposit of this copyright, because we have to be able to confirm, under oath, that your copyright was not modify after 30 days. A copyriht is like a picture of your creation, taken at a certain date and time. No more modification after 30 days is legaly essential.

Can I request the cancellation or destruction of one of my copyright?

Yes, we will remove internet access to your copyright at your request, and there is no charge.

Can I remain anonymous and obtain a valid copyright?

Many authors and webmasters opt for anonymity, and you need only supply your pseudonym on the copyright declaration form to be assured that you will remain anonymous. We keep your real information private in our files, away from public access and your certificate is just as valid as if your name were on it.

Do you accept X-rated ( adult ) material?

We do not accept adult-oriented (pornographic) material.

We do accept erotic text.

Can I copyright an idea?

Basically, an idea cannot be protected by copyright because this would totally paralyze inventive genius. No one would dare to create any longer for fear of being sued by someone who had copyrighted the idea, even if that person hadn't acted on it.

But, fortunately, you can copyright the process, the method and the treatment you expect to use to exploit your idea. Put all this on paper, and copyright it to demonstrate that you're the first one to do it this way.

Nevertheless, you must have taken steps to begin your project and be able show that you have made efforts towards the actual realization of your plans, if you wish to stop someone else from exploiting your idea in the same way.

If you have done nothing with this project for many years and someone comes along with the same idea and a similar treatment, you'll have a hard time stopping him from proceeding. The underlying principle of copyright cannot be used to paralyze human progress.

Does a copyright registration with replace a patent or a trade mark?

No, but many users are using our services to register a copyright of their DOCUMENTATION, including diagrams, sketches, photos and the methodology involved in their work or even invention. This may allows them to get their project into circulation quickly without necessarily having to wait for the patent. They may mention their copyright number in their documents and they include a copy of their copyright issued by It's the same about a trade mark, a copyright is not a trade mark registration but a copyright can be usefull to publish an already registered trade mark or all the documentation about a trade mark registration project. Remember, a copyright doesn't create any rights. A copyright is a legal declaration of already existing rights on a creation or work, made by the author. Without a copyright registration by a third party, the author may have a hard time to prove his or her implication within a specific work or creation.

Can you show my text (e.g. my poem) on my copyright posted on Internet? I would like people to read my work.

No! This is not the role of a copyright service. We are not a publisher of works, texts or else creations.

It's not really clear for me. What is your service exactly!

It's an occasion to register and publish a public copyright declaration to inform people about your rights on a specific creation or work. It's a way to have your copyright declaration posted on the Web, on a specific and permanent web address ( each copyright has its own URL address ). It's a way to obtain a FREE copy of this copyright declaration if you have to go to court to protect your right and finally, it's a way to obtain our copyright logo and copyright number to add to your work, together with your Internet copyright certificate.

Is a copyright certificate sufficient to register an agreement, like a Private agreement or a Security agrement?

The copyright certififcate can register any type of agreement and a short description can be posted on our service on the Web, without confidiential details like names and identification numbers. But a copyright cannot replace the requested legal process by your local authority about some types of agreement. The advantage to deposit an agreement between two parties under a copyright, is to have an external witness to record and archive the documents with a clear date indication on it.

When sending a part of my creation into a file, by your secure form, do you accept any type of file ?

Any type of file is accepted.

Should I send you text and images separately?

That is not necessary.

The maximum limit for a normal deposit is 500 megs. Can I send multiple files as part of the same deposit?

Yes, as long as the total is under 500 megs.

I am sending you a file containing my creation. What are you doing with this file?

We are securing your file in a archive under SSL, secure certification, unaccessible from Internet. See our validation certificate link here.

Q- Can I retrieve my creation file from your archives.

Yes, but only for legal use. In an exceptional case - e.g. your computer has been stolen - we can provide a copy of your material, after a specific identification process. Note - Additional fees apply.

What do I have to do to register my own copyright?

Register first as a user, then fill the deposit form by clicking on "Register a copyright", and follow the instructions. It just takes a few minutes. It’s very easy.

Why the documents signed by a notary public are not provided anymore?

Since 2011, there is no needs to provide notarized copy of the copyright and related documents to the court, because the printed documents from the web, and our own signed documents, as a third party Copyright registration service, are now accepted. Internet information, pages, and printed documents, are now regularely used in court around the world. But if you prefer to get a notarized copy of your copyrighted material, it is always possible at a very affordable rate.

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